Meatloaf Night in the City

It’s meatloaf night again in the city;
And even though I’m feelin’ an itty bitty shitty,
I know it’d be a doggone pity
If I didn’t get right down to the real nitty-gritty,
And head on down to Henry’s, where I’ll be sittin’ pretty
With all my friends, who are bein’ witty
And singin’ some old favorite ditty
Made famous by Conway Twitty.
Oh yeah, soon I’ll be purrin’ like a kitty,
‘Cause it’s meatloaf night again in the Summit City.

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2 Responses to A NEW POEM

  1. Maureen says:

    Sounds like theme music for a new sit-com! Bravo!

  2. dana wichern says:

    Well, PRICELESS. Jeff, you’ve done it again and it’s really impressive. Of all the “easy” words you could have used for a poem with that much rhyme (like blue, true, do, stew,etc.) you pick “itty bitty” which nobody else on the planet would choose because its level of difficulty seems to be off the charts and yet you manage it so effortlessly. You have challenged me to attempt something else (Miniver Cheevy and Ozymandias come to mind but will probably end up with nursery rhymes.

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