ATTENTION All Meatloafers

You will notice that Alice and I have been playing around with the blog – writing some posts, changing the graphics, etc. Every time you change the style of the graphics, it can cause some confusion about how to make a Comment, how things are organized on the site, etc. So, I think we will decide on a format and then stick with it.

For now, with this current format you see here, if you want to leave a Comment, look for the link that mentions Comments, click on it, and then write your Comment.

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2 Responses to ATTENTION All Meatloafers

  1. Ok, this is George, I’ll give it a try.
    All of the commercials during the tv news are about medications again so I guess the election must be over.
    Just watching Nancy Snyderman on Rock Center talking about internet addiction. With some effort that could be us on our Blog!

    • Jeff says:

      Way to go George! Nice comment. Hey, ANY comment from this group is impressive. Anybody else out there have anything to say???

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