NEW Post

Hi Gang,

This is a new “Post.” Since I am the one who started the blog, I am currently the only person who can write new Posts. However, anyone can write a “Comment” that will be associated with this Post – or any previous Post for that matter.

Here’s an assignment for you. Try writing a Comment to this Post. Click on the box to the left of this Post – where it has the date. This will take you to a screen where you can leave a Comment. Just write something and then click on “publish” or something like that (I forget what it says).

Then I will get an email saying that someone has written a Comment on my Post. I will have to go to the blog and approve the Comment. Then it will appear in the box next to the Post. Give it a try. Fool around with it. If I discover that I’ve given you incorrect instructions, I will write another Post and correct myself. Ain’t this fun?


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4 Responses to NEW Post

  1. Alice says:

    Did I do it correctly teacher?

  2. Micki & Sherwin says:

    I have the reply from Alice. Does this mean its working?

  3. Maureen says:

    Jeff, we need some poetry…

  4. dana wichern says:

    meatloafers were in good force at the City Council meeting Jan. 29. FW native EricKuhne was in town from London to speak about phase 2 of the parks expansion of Headwaters Park. He is energizing, a visionary who has built the next phase of the work on plans of George Kessler and Robertson of the last century. What I especially liked was a transformation of Guildlin Park from a small boat ramp and flood plain strip of grass to a full-blown park. This park was site of the city’s first playground. Several of the meatloafers feel it needs upgraded and to be made a place of prominence.
    Let’s hear it for your take on the Kuhne presentation.

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