Henry’s is a Special Place . . .

Henry’s is a special place
Its meatloaf makes it so.
And every week on Monday
Tha’ brightest people go,

And go to get the meatloaf,
Adorned with special sauce,
And talk and talk and talk and talk,
In praise of tha’ food, and  us.

It’s really quite a lively group
That shows up bright and cheery.
They sometimes get so loud and raucous
That e’en Michelle gets leery.

But Ian’s there to calm the bunch,
And get them all behavin’. .
And help him eat those great desserts
That have us all a’ cravin’…

So here’s a toast to Henry’s
There’s really no place like it.
We’ll try to be there Monday next . . .
Come join us, you might like it.

Will Clark
January 2013

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Meatloaf Night in the City

It’s meatloaf night again in the city;
And even though I’m feelin’ an itty bitty shitty,
I know it’d be a doggone pity
If I didn’t get right down to the real nitty-gritty,
And head on down to Henry’s, where I’ll be sittin’ pretty
With all my friends, who are bein’ witty
And singin’ some old favorite ditty
Made famous by Conway Twitty.
Oh yeah, soon I’ll be purrin’ like a kitty,
‘Cause it’s meatloaf night again in the Summit City.

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I’m testing this because the software seems to be

double spacing my text and I want to see how it

looks once I post it. Jeff

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Hey, Meatloafers! Merry Christmas!

Meatloafers in 3D

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Many thanks to Jeff for helping me do a post. If I can do this anyone can. Let’s hear from all meatloafers. Ian

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Well, I guess no one liked the turkey recipe…

or else they thought my crude humor was not worthy of a comment. So, does anybody have anything to say? About anything? Jump right in here!!!

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Favorite RECIPE for Thanksgiving

Here’s a favorite Thanksgiving turkey recipe from Orville Redenbacher.

12-16 lb. turkey

2 Cups popcorn

Season turkey liberally with salt and pepper inside and out. Place popcorn in turkey cavity and truss. Roast at 350 degrees until corn pops and blows turkey’s ass across the room. No need to carve as turkey will be in serving size pieces. Enjoy!

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